What’s Going Down in the Quirky World of Crypto?

We’ve got a little bit of tax, a little bit of big cat, and a Facebook goat named Bitcoin in this week’s compilation of bizarre crypto stories.

Florida is looking into the subject of taxation.

Nobody like paying taxes,Guest Posting but they might be a little more bearable if done in Bitcoin.

The governmental administration of Miami-Dade County is exploring allowing people to pay their taxes and service fees with digital money.

If accepted, a task group will look into the proposal’s practicality, which appears to have a lot of potential. Crypto payments could be less expensive and more convenient, boosting the area’s tech and startup scene.

Mayor Francis Suarez of crypto assets Miami has already thrown his hat into the ring, launching an aggressive effort to turn Miami into a true crypto hub. It’s possible that tax season will never be the same.
Bitcoin gets Mark Zuckerberg’s goat

Mark Zuckerberg is never far from a news topic, and he has everyone’s ire this time by sharing a photo of his pets.

The controversial Facebook CEO shared a photo of his two pet goats, Bitcoin and Max, sparking a flurry of discussion about the names’ hidden meanings.

Bitcoin maximalists, who believe Bitcoin will one day dominate the globe, claim that the solution is obvious. Others on social media relate to past reports that Facebook was interested in purchasing Bitcoin.

It’s possible that they’re overthinking it. After all, Facebook appears to be working on its own stablecoin, diem, which will be tested later this year. CNBC reports that diem, which is pegged to the dollar, could be used to buy goods and services. We’ll have to wait and see!